Lalibela nature and culture

Lalibela is not only ancient churches. Ethiopia has exceptionally rich bird life. You can spot many beautiful birds and admire black kites’ skillful flying in the sky in Lalibela. In total, nearly 1000 different species of birds can be spotted in Ethiopia, and 23 of them are endemic.

You do not need to leave Lalibela to see the amazing mountain landscape, but if you want to see more, there are many opportunities for that from half day trips to several days long treks.

You can familiarize yourself with unique Ethiopian food in the many restaurants, and even learn to cook yourself in a cooking class. Remember to visit the market where local people gather from the surrounding countryside every Saturday. You can buy spices and incense to remind you of the enchanting smells of Ethiopia back at home.

The evening is the time to have fun! Ethiopians love dancing to their music and are happy to see you join them. Traditional Ethiopian dances include such shoulder and head movements that you probably did not realize they were even possible. Sweeten up your evening with the local honey wine, tej.

Watch this video to learn a bit of Ethiopian food: injera, berbere and coffee.

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