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Red Rock Lalibela Hotel is located conveniently on the top of the ridge, close to the center of the town of Lalibela. The hotel’s location offers impressive views of the Lalibela valley and the surrounding mountains. The world-famous churches of Lalibela are just five minutes’ walk down the hill from the hotel.

The location gives you a unique opportunity to see both the historical sights and the life and people of the present day Lalibela.

How to reach Lalibela?


By air

Lalibela is located 625 km from the Ethiopian capital, Addis Abeba. Flying from Addis Abeba or from other cities of the Northern Historic Route, Bahar Dar, Gonder and Aksum, is the quickest and most comfortable way to reach Lalibela. There are several daily flights to and from Lalibela.

By car

The roads around Lalibela are improving, and it is possible to drive to Lalibela in three hours from Woldiya, which lies in the main road connecting Addis Abeba and Mekele in the north. Bahar Dar can be reached in five to six hours by car.

Flying to Ethiopia

Ethiopia itself is closer and more accessible than you probably think. There are direct flights to Addis Abeba from many Central European cities, and the flight takes only five to six hours. There are direct flights even from some Asian and American cities.

Traveling in Ethiopia is easy because many people speak English, which is the second official language in the county.