Traditional hut, tukul, in Lalibela.
Lalibela is located at 2,600 meters above sea level, which means a healthy and pleasant climate year round with the daily maximum temperatures averaging 20–25 °C (68–77 °F). There is no tropical heat in Lalibela, even though the sun will be hot during early afternoon. Because of the high altitude, malaria isn’t a concern here, and malaria medication is usually not advised to the visitors.

Ethiopia enjoys an exceptionally high number of sunny and not too hot days. Sunshine and clear blue skies prevail from mid September until February. Sunshine and blue skies are to expect also from February until June but then some occasional showers are possible.

The main rainy season is from mid June to mid September. Rains can be heavy, but they do not need to stop you from visiting and enjoying your stay in Lalibela. Nature thrives during this period and everything will be lush and green. The rain often comes during the afternoon, so there will be opportunities for visiting the sights without getting wet.

The nights are cool at this altitude, so it is advisable to take some warm clothes along. The nights are particularly cool in November and December, and during the rainy season from mid June to early September.